Cooperation Terms

How To Know The Inventory And Prices Of Goods:

Every Day On The Company's Website, You Can View The Inventory Of Products That Can Be Provided By Us From The Products Menu, Then Select The Product And Finally Download The Inventory List Of The Relevant Product.
Terms Of Receipt For Partners Who Are Just Starting To Work With Us Are Only Available By Phone On Whatsapp Or International International Calls.

How To Issue An Invoice After Announcing The Purchase Decision:

After Selecting The Goods On Your Behalf And Confirming The Inventory Of Those Goods By The Sales Team Of Uae Pc, A Pre-invoice Will Be Sent To You. Will Be. Colleagues Who Come In Person Will Receive The Invoice On The Same Day And Do Not Need To Pay A Deposit.

How To Deposit The Amount Related To The Settlement Of Goods:

At Present, It Is Only Possible To Pay For The Deposit Or Settlement Of The Invoice Through The Official Exchange Offices In The Uae Or Your Trusted Persons. Your Deposits, Whether In The Form Of A Deposit Or Full Settlement, Can Be In Person Or In Person, In Both Cases You Will Receive Your Payment Receipt.

How To Deliver The Goods At The Origin After Receiving The Settlement Confirmation:

After The Goods Are Settled And Before The Goods Leave The Uae Pc Office Or Warehouse, You Must Inform Us About The Delivery Of The Purchased Goods, In Case Of Delivery To The United Arab Emirates Outlet, Whether By Air Or Sea, Complete Information To The Sender And Receiver Of The Goods We Need. Any Special Terms And Conditions Such As Stating The Value Of The Goods To Be Delivered On The Invoice Or Insurance To Transport The Goods Requires Direct Contact And Early Coordination With Us.

How To Ship Goods From The Uae To Other Parts Of The World:

We Have No One To Introduce You To, And We Operate Only Within The Uae, With The Exception Of Partners Whose Goods Are Delivered In Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain And Saudi Arabia.

How To Declare And Accept Goods With Hardware And Appearance Problems

After The Delivery Of The Goods By Us, To The Natural Or Legal Persons, The Responsibility Of Transporting The Goods And The Damages Caused By The Blows And Any Compensable Or Irreparable Damage Is On The Customer And This Company Has No Involvement In Introducing The Transporters Does Not Have. It Should Be Noted That The Uae Pc Team Will Do Their Best To Pack And Ensure To Prevent The Vulnerability Of The Goods Sold. The Warranty Period Of Our Goods Is Only For 45 Days, Which Starts From The Day The Goods Leave The Company. .

If The Above Items Are Different From Your Questions, Please Contact Us Via The Contact Us Menu.

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Mohammad Dolatyari